2023 2 25일에는 토론토 주지사 더그 포드 (Doug Ford) 새해 임기 시작을 기념해 Welcome Party 라는 제목의 시위가 열려 참석했습니다(온타리오 주의사당앞 퀸즈파크).그린벨트 해제 반대, 신설 고속도로 반대 이번 회기내에 해결해야 많은 환경 이슈들과 교육 원주민 권리 수많은 민생 이슈들이 있었기 때문에 환경단체 원주민단체 노조등이 대규모로 연합한 집회였습니다.

On February 25, 2023, HNET took part in a welcome back protest party for Doug Ford, the Ontario Premier, held at Queen’s Park. We joined with other protesters gathered to voice our opposition to the government’s proposed plan to cut down the greenbelt for housing and a new highway.

In addition, We demanded immediate action on climate change issues and Aboriginal rights. The demonstration was a collaborative effort between environmental and Aboriginal groups, reflecting the growing concern and solidarity among these communities towards these critical issues. We were proud to lend a Korean Canadian voice to these protests as well.