토론토한인여성회가 주관하고 25개 단체가 참여하여 성황리에 열린 한인네트워크(2022년 8월 6일 토, 토론토 한인회 강당) 행사에 부스를 설치하고 우리단체의 창립과 앞으로 해나갈 일들을 설명하는 기회를 가졌습니다. 동영상, 손글씨 장식, 대형 현수막을 설치하고 환경도서를 전시하면서 환경위기의 시급성과 우리가 행동해야 하는 필요성을 알리는 자리가 되었습니다. 많은 한인분들이 관심을 갖고 부스를 방문해 주셨습니다.

On August 6, 2022, HNET had the opportunity to participate in the KCWA Korean Community Network Event, where we set up a vibrant and engaging booth to introduce our mission and future plans to the wider community. At the booth, we showcased a range of materials, including informative videos, beautifully crafted artwork, striking banners, and a selection of important environmental books.

Our aim was to raise awareness about the urgent need for action in addressing climate change and protecting the planet, and we were thrilled to see so many Korean Canadians who shared our passion and interest in these important issues. Many attendees visited our booth, eager to learn more about our work and the various initiatives we are spearheading.

The event was a great success, enabling us to connect with members of the community and spread our message more widely. We are grateful for the opportunity to participate and look forward to building on this momentum as we continue our work to protect the Earth’s future.