회원내부의 공부와 결속을 다지기 위해 첫번째 월례모임으로 2022 3 24 이옥금 유아 숲교육 전문가께서 <나무와 숲의 의미> 나누어 주셨습니다. 민간 수목원으로서 높은 가치를 가진 천리포수목원 운영자의 동영상을 보고 꾸준하게 숲을 가꾸어 사람의 역사를 알게 되었고우리의 꿈이 현실이 있다는 것을 공감해 자리 였습니다 생희연 출발의 계기가 된제네시스 에코 포레스트의 미래를 그려보고 협력과 숲의 안과 밖에서 이루어질 생희연활동의 앞날도 그려보는 마음 뭉클한 자리었습니다.

At HNET’s inaugural monthly meeting, we had the pleasure of hosting Ms. Okguem Lee, an early childhood forest educator, who delivered a captivating lecture on the significance of trees and forests. The lecture was held over a Zoom meeting, where members were able to learn about the ecological, social, and cultural value of forests.

As part of the meeting, our members watched a video documentary covering the Chollipo Arboretum, a privately-owned forest that has been carefully maintained for many years. The video provided insights into the history of the forest, the dedicated caretaker who tended to it, and how his vision of the forest became a reality.

Following the lecture and video, members engaged in a lively discussion about the future of G-eco farm and potential collaboration opportunities between HNET and the farm. The meeting was a great success, and we look forward to many more opportunities to learn, grow, and take action together.